I am Jordan, I'm a 19 year old boy, and I like video games and lots of other stuff. This is my video game blog. Whatever.
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My design for Naughty Dog’s 30 anniversary contest!
Monday 04 at 11:17am
Monday 04 at 11:16am

leafreo said: Maybe Unit-01 in palette 12?

this palette was cool, thanks for the request!

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted and I still have so may followers! I wanna thank all you guys so much, I still love you and video games so, so much! :*

Monday 04 at 11:03am

A Grim Fandango poster that I worked to death (no pun intended…okay, it was kinda intended, whatever). Had to abandon this one because no matter what I did it just never worked how I wanted it to. I think the initial comp had promise but it all just fell flat after that. C’est la vie.
Maybe one day I’ll revisit this idea. The “sprouted” skulls are pretty cool at least. That’s something.

ウインディ  by  海膽果凍
Wednesday 13 at 9:48am

Journey by SailorAwful

I am no longer, no longer, a rose of May.